What is Nutritional Therapy?

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

The importance of healthy eating and good nutrition has never been more widely publicised. We all know that a healthy diet can prevent many common ailments and help us perform to our optimum. But with so much nutritional information available, how do we make sense of the plethora of contradictory advice out there and arrive at a solution that is perfect for us as individuals? We often see the phrase ‘optimum nutrition’ but what does it mean and is it the same for everyone? How do you know what your optimum nutrition levels are?

That is where a nutritional therapist can help; we provide individual nutritional advice with the aim of improving your body’s efficiency, and therefore energy and vitality. Our personalised consultation service is based on a solid scientific foundation that encompasses diet, health history and and lifestyle analysis to find and then treat the origin of your ailment. This is the basis of what is called functional nutrition.Food can be a powerful medicine and is our main tool. As well as looking at diet, we may also suggest micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), herbs and other nutritional products to meet your individual needs. Together we aim to rebalance your nutritional deficiencies, promote better nutrition and address the underlying causes of your health problems.

Nutritional complementary therapy has a very good success rate; whether you are looking to maximise your health potential or treat a persistent problem, then make a start today with our personal nutritional guidance service.